The effect of different post systems having various sizes on the fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth. An in vitro study

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1 Endodontics department , faculty of dentistry , Cairo university

2 Endodontist department , faculty of dentistry , cairo university

3 Endodontics department, faculty of dentistry , Cairo university


Aim: The aim of the present study was to evaluate the influence of different post systems (fiber and titanium posts) with different post sizes on the fracture resistance of the endodontically treated single rooted teeth.
Methodology: Fifty-four freshly extracted maxillary central incisors were selected and divided into three main groups according to the post system used. Group A were prepared to receive Rely-X posts with different sizes. Group B were prepared to receive titanium posts with different sizes. Group C were prepared to receive obturation only (control group). The specimens were prepared with Protaper Universal rotary files. Intervention groups A and B were divided, each into three sub groups. Group A was divided into Rely-X yellow coded ,Rely-X Red Coded ,Rely-X Blue Coded . While Group B was divided into Short Titanium Posts , Medium Titanium Posts and Long Titanium Posts . Specimens were then loaded to fracture in a universal testing machine. The maximum load at which the teeth fractured and the fracture patterns were recorded.
Results: There was a statistically significant difference among all groups ; the control group showed the highest fracture resistance followed by the Rely-X Red Coded(R.X.R.C.)group, while the Short Titanium Posts (S.T.P) group showed the least fracture resistance.
Conclusion: The control group (obturation only) recorded the highest fracture resistance while the short titanium posts (STP) recorded the least fracture resistance.


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