Masticatory ability for a single implant mandibular overdenture retained by two different attachments. A randomized controlled trial

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prosthodontic department faculty of dentistry Cairo university Egypt


Statement of the problem: due to economic and bone related problems some edentulous patients receive only one implant to support their complete denture instead of two implant . In this study two different attachments are used to find which one will provide the best masticatory ability for the patient.
Objective: comparing subjective masticatory ability between ball and CM-LOC attachment (an attachment is similar to locator but with PEEK cap instead of nylon) for a single implant retained mandibular over-denture at base line (complete denture), after 2 weeks of loading, 3, 6, 9 and 12 month follow up period.
Materials and Methods: All patients received new complete dentures and masticatory ability was recorded using a questionnaire. later patients received a single symphyseal implant. After 3 months healing period, patients were randomized into two groups: ball or CMLOC attachment. Masticatory ability questionnaire was again used to record masticatory ability for both groups.
Results: At the end a total of 65 patients were present : 30 patients in the ball group and 35 in the CMLOC. Patients with complete denture had reduced masticatory ability. After implant installation the masticatory ability have improved for both attachments but patients with CMLOC attachment have shown an improved masticatory ability compared to ball throughout the 12 months follow up although it was statistically insignificant.
Conclusion: Single implant mandibular overdenture have improved masticatory ability when compared to complete denture, and the CMLOC attachment has slightly shown a greater non-significant improvement in masticatory ability compared to ball attachment.


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