Evaluation of the Push-Out Bond Strength and Penetration of Guttaflow bioseal, Endoseal MTA and Guttaflow 2 versus AH-Plus Root Canal Sealers into the Dentinal Tubules in Mandibular Premolar Teeth (A Randomized in vitro comparative study)

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1 Endodontics, Dentistry, Cairo University, Giza, Cairo

2 Endodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University


The aim of this study was to compare between Guttaflow Bioseal, Endoseal MTA, Guttaflow 2 and AH-Plus root canal sealers regarding the Push-Out Bond Strength and Sealer Penetration into the Dentinal Tubules
Eighty extracted mandibular premolars with single canals were instrumented using M-Pro dental file system, irrigated with NaOCl and 17% EDTA. Obturation was done using a single cone technique and 4 different obturation sealing material. Then samples were randomly divided into 4 groups according to each sealer used: Group (I) Guttaflow Bioseal, Group (II) Endoseal MTA, Group (III) Guttaflow 2 and Group (IV) AH-Plus. Forty specimens were embedded in resin blocks and horizontally sectioned into approximately 2-mm-thick slices from the apical, middle, and coronal thirds for the Push out bond strength test. The value of the push-out bond strength was then determined. The remaining forty roots were obturated with 0.1% Rhodamine B labelled sealers to compare the dentinal tubule penetration. Ten teeth each had one horizontal slice taken from the apical root segment at a depth of 5 mm, which was then scanned using a confocal laser scanning electron microscope. Depth, area, and percentage of tubule penetration were measured. ANOVA test and a Tukey post hoc test were used for statistical analysis.
In the apical, middle and coronal thirds, AH-Plus showed significantly higher push out bond strength. Endoseal MTA showed significantly higher maximum depth of penetration, followed by AH-Plus, which showed significantly higher maximum depth of penetration than Guttaflow Bioseal and Guttaflow 2 with no significant difference between them.


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