The Effect of Systemic Administration of Zinc on The Gingival Crevicular Fluid Level of Total Oxidant Capacity in Type 2 Diabetic Patients with Stage II and III Periodontitis After Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Document Type : Original Article


1 Oral Medicine and Periodontology Department, Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

2 Oral Medicine and Periodontology Department, Faculty of Dentistry, The British University in Egypt, El Sherouk city, Cairo, Egypt.

3 Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University


Objectives: This study aimed to evaluate the effect of systemic administration of zinc supplementation on the total oxidant capacity in the gingival crevicular fluid level of controlled type 2 diabetic patients with stage-II and III periodontitis after non-surgical periodontal therapy.
Materials and Methods: This clinical trial was registered at Identifier: ID: NCT03923829 on April 23, 2019. Twenty-eight controlled type 2 diabetic patients with periodontitis stages II or III were randomly assigned into two groups, test and control where both received non-surgical periodontal therapy while the test group received 50 mg zinc one tablet/day for 12 weeks. Total oxidant capacity (TOC) level was measured in GCF of both groups at baseline and after 3 months. HbA1c level, GI, PPD and CAL were also reported at baseline and 3 months postoperatively.
Results: After 3 months a statistically significant decrease in mean TOC µmol/L was reported in both groups being more significantly lower in test group. No significant difference in mean percentage HbA1c was reported after 3 months neither within each group nor between the two groups. In both groups there was a significant reduction in GI scores, PPD reduction and CAL gain after 3 months with no significant difference between them, while the test group showed significantly lower GI than the control group.
Conclusions: Systemic administration of zinc supplements as an adjunct to non-surgical periodontal therapy might improve the clinical parameters and oxidative stress in T2DM patients with stage II-III periodontitis.


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