Kennedy Class II Problems and Treatment Options: A Review of Literature

Document Type : Review Article


Department of Prosthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University.


Kennedy Class II is of the most difficult to restore cases. It needs a very good design to overcome the most common problems of this class, such as the support problems resulting from its combined tooth-tissue support nature. In addition to the unilateral nature which results in problems with its bracing and stability. Most commonly, is the retention problems as well. Additionally, other potential problems are abutment teeth mobility as well as decreased masticatory efficiency. In an effort to overcome the above-mentioned challenges, special techniques, and new modalities in RPDP treatment have been proposed to enhance its success. This includes special impression techniques, alternate RPDP designs such as combining the mesial rest with a proximal plate and I-bar (RPI) system. Other suggested options included the shortened dental arch concept (SDA), the integration of precision-attachments as well as using implant-supported dentures, cantilevered fixed partial dentures or even the combination of orthodontic- prosthetic treatments.


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