Localization of mental foramen in relation to primary molars in children. A cone-beam computed tomography study.

Document Type : Original Article


Pediatric Dentistry Department, Faculty of Dentistry, Fayoum University, Fayoum, Egypt


Aim: This study aims to determine the location of mental foramen MF in relation to lower primary molars, its form, and to correlate this data to age, gender, and side.
Materials and methods: 19 MF on CBCT images for less than ten-year-old children were analyzed. Normality was assessed using Shapiro-Wilk's test, independent and paired t-tests, and chi-square test was used for data analysis.
Results: MF was located in positions 3 (between the roots of the first primary molar), 4 (at the level of the distal root of the first primary molar), 6 (at the level of the mesial root of the second primary molar) and 7 (between the roots of the second primary molar), it was below the apices of primary molars in all cases, boys and > six-year-old children have significantly distal MF.
Conclusions: MF in children is located apical to the roots of primary molars, in the area between the long axis of the primary molars, more distally for boys and > six-year-old children. The horizontal diameter was larger for girls and ≤ six-year-old children.