Clinical comparison of the periodontal pack with and without L-PRF on post-operative pain after surgical gingival depigmentation: A Randomized Clinical Trial

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1 Oral medicine, oral diagnosis and periodontology department, Faculty of dentistry, MSA university, Cairo, Egypt

2 Oral diagnosis, Oral Medicine, and Periodontology Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

3 Oral diagnosis, Oral Medicine, and Periodontology Faculty of Dentistry, MSA University, Cairo, Egypt


Aim: The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of platelet rich fibrin on the post-operative pain after surgical depigmentation procedure.

Methodology: Twenty-four patients with gingival hyper-pigmentation were recruited and randomly assigned to the control group; using non-eugenol periodontal pack only, or to the test group; using L-PRF with periodontal pack. The gingival depigmentation procedure was done using a combination of scalpel and bur techniques and both groups were covered using the periodontal pack. The post-operative pain was measured using visual analogue scale (VAS) that was tested and compared.

Results: In the control group, 100% of the patients reported pain that ranged from moderate to distressing pain after the 5th day while in the test group 8.3% of the patients reported very mild pain after the 5th day.

Conclusion: Using PRF after gingival depigmentation procedure results in decreased post-operative pain when compared to using non-eugenol containing periodontal packs alone.


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