Color Stability of Different Resin Composites Under Moisture and Chemical Stimulants and Changes.

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Restorative Dentistry Faculty of Dentistry - Pharos University - Cairo - Egypt


Resin composites has become the standard esthetic restorative materials for both anterior and posterior teeth. This because of their easy reproduction of the tooth anatomical landmarks, excellent esthetics in comparison to other restorative materials, appropriate mechanical properties, conservation of tooth structure, reduction of microleakage at the restoration tooth interface and contribution to favorable distribution of forces (1-4). Resin composites are very successful and widely used esthetic restorative materials. However, their color stability is a challenging issue that has to be investigated and assessed. In this study we assessed the color stability of three different types of resin composites ; a nano-filled resin composite, a nano-hybrid one and a micro-hybrid one using Reflective Spectrophotometry. 90 specimens were used . They were divided into three groups of 30 to represent the three types of composites ; then each group were further subdivided into three subgroups to represent the three types of immersion solutions. The results showed the nano – hybrid composite to undergo the least color changes in comparison to the other two resin composites with different immersion solutions.


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